10 Signs That You May Have a Large Family




 10.You know that you have a large family if you don’t have a laundry day, you have a day off from laundry.

In our house, we do 3-4 loads of laundry Every Day. I usually take Saturdays off. If I don’t do this much laundry every day, the pile becomes enormous. As it is, I often feel like I’m playing catch up some days.

9.People that see your family at an amusement park, zoo, or other venue assume that a school field trip or tour group is coming through.

Some will be so bold as to ask what school is having the field trip today. LOL

8 Your weekly grocery shopping trip looks like you are trying to feed a third world country. 

It is not uncommon for us to walk out with 2 or 3 fully loaded shopping carts. Especially if we have a birthday or holiday coming up soon.

7 If we buy enough ice cream and toppings to all have some after dinner one evening, the cashier will automatically ask if we are the hosts of this years ice cream social at church.

Uh, no. We aren’t hosting anything. We just like ice cream okay? We Really like ice cream!

6 Ordering fast food often costs as much in one trip as an average sized family’s grocery bill for a week or two.

My favorite? If I go in alone to order it all and the cashier asks “For here, or to go?” If the family has discreetly seated themselves out of her sight, she thinks its a joke when I say “For Here.”

5 Your back to school shopping total exceeds the average monthly paycheck of a minimum wage worker.

This years total will exceed $600. Yes Six hundred dollars for a free public school education. This doesn’t include food at all.

4 You have the phone numbers to all local sit down restaurants programmed in your phone. Even places that don’t take reservations because it is near impossible to get seating for that many without calling first.

It always helps to give them a courtesy heads-up that a large party is coming in. They really do appreciate not having to scramble at the last minute just to clear your group from the front.

3 You qualify for a group rate.

This is a plus when you are paying admission. It never hurts to ask if they have a group rate when you are getting ready to go somewhere for the first time.

2 You feel like you are a bus driver. Like all the time.

When you have a large family, you have to have a vehicle large enough to fit everyone into. Unfortunately, the cost to fuel such a vehicle can be astronomical. Therefore, we walk as often as we can.

And the number 1 sign you have a large family? The amount of love in your house is so great that it can’t be measured!

Hugs and kisses are always available in a large family. Even if the older boys are a little embarrassed to be hugging their momma at their age. No matter how much fighting they do, they still love each other a whole lot. And they will tell each other so without prompting. It is adorable to hear.

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  1. Love it!! had a few good laughs. And I agree with the laundry I have a 2 and 2 year old and my hubby being military goes threw 3 outfits a day (his PT gear, uniform and then lounge home clothes) so Im always doing at LEAST 1 load a day if not more.

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