101 Facts About This Crazy Momma

Hey there!


Would you like to know a bit more about what makes this crazy momma unique? Well here are 101 facts about me:


  1. I’m a midlife momma ( late 40’s as a matter of fact)
  2. I have 7 kids.
  3. I was in the Army.
  4. I have Diabetes.
  5. I’m owned by a cute dog.
  6. I’m tolerated by an aloof cat.
  7. I have blogged for many many years.
  8. I’m not a consistent blogger.
  9. I’ve been online since 1992.
  10. I live in Florida.
  11. My home will always be in Western Pennsylvania.
  12. I can’t truly go home again.
  13. I’ve homeschooled.
  14. I also send kids to public school.
  15. I am a homesteader wannabe.
  16. I enjoy being in nature as much as possible.
  17. I like old things.
  18. I would rather go visit historical sites instead of theme parks.
  19. I also love theme parks.
  20. Especially old theme parks that have a history to them.
  21. I’m very opinionated.
  22. I’m a classic Virgo.
  23. I like to go to blog conferences.
  24. I suffer from imposter syndrome.
  25. I battle depression.
  26. I love to learn about almost anything.
  27. Libraries are like a second home to me.
  28. I own way too many books.
  29. I still continue to buy many books.
  30. Thrifting is second nature to me.
  31. I even go thrift shopping while on vacation.
  32. I have a passion for looking at real estate.
  33. I love old houses. The older the better.
  34. My dream house would probably be someone else’s nightmare.
  35. I played cello in the high school orchestra.
  36. I also played softball for 7 years growing up.
  37. I’m a witch.
  38. also clairvoyant.
  39. My favorite tv show of all time is probably Scarecrow and Mrs King.
  40. This list is harder to write than I thought.
  41. I like fashion.
  42. Fashion doesn’t necessarily like me. (Too short)
  43. I have been a direct marketer for many companies.
  44. I’m not a good direct marketer. (I buy too much of my own stuff.)
  45. I recently reconnected with my best friend from high school.
  46. We are best friends again.
  47. She does not get the whole online world.
  48. I live in the online world.
  49. Many of my closest friends live in my computer.
  50. I’m generous to a fault.
  51. I can be gullible.
  52. I don’t always get subtlety. It’s best to just be blunt with me. Please don’t hint around, I won’t always catch on til days later.
  53. I’m too blunt sometimes.
  54. I was a Girl Scout.
  55. I was also a Cub Scout Leader.
  56. I’m a denture wearer just like Martha Rae.
  57. I only recently developed a love of wine.
  58. I come from a very large family.
  59. My father passed away last year.
  60. I have reconnected with my older half sister since then.
  61. I’ve been married for 24 years.
  62. I spend too much time learning and not enough doing.
  63. I could spend all day just researching things.
  64. I enjoy research.
  65. I hate talking on the phone. ( Except for with my non-online BFF)
  66. I hate group texts.
  67. I have been working on a novel.
  68. My novel needs more attention than I give it.
  69. I’m often tired.
  70. I would prefer to stay up all night and sleep all day.
  71. I love Diet Dr. Pepper.
  72. I hate when people eat in the library!
  73. I’ve been learning American Sign Language off and on since third grade.
  74. I took 3 years of German in high school.
  75. None of my kids drive yet.
  76. I drive them everywhere.
  77. I am plus sized.
  78. I am a planner addict.
  79. I have had all kinds of strange jobs. (tree grader?)
  80. I would love to own a milk cow.
  81. and chickens.
  82. I am kinda lazy. (Who isn’t?)
  83. I love growing things.
  84. I like to eat.
  85. a lot. (hence the plus size)
  86. Every one of my pregnancies was high risk.
  87. I did not vote for Donald Trump.
  88. I did not vote for Hilary Clinton either.
  89. Three of my kids have birthdays in August.
  90. The oldest middle and youngest.
  91. I love reading Amish novels.
  92. I used to live in a predominately Amish community.
  93. I love Halloween.
  94. But I love Christmas time more.
  95. My favorite season is Fall.
  96. I miss seeing snow.
  97. I’m planning on returning to PA to live.
  98. I’ve been considering becoming a real estate agent.
  99. I would like to become a social media manager for real estate agents.
  100. I daydream too much.
  101. My life is always an adventure.


So what do you think? Are any of these true for you too? Let me know! I enjoy hearing from you.

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