A look back at my very first blog post

I was looking through all of the blogs that I’ve had over the years ( yeah, maybe I got a bit of a blogging problem) and I found what I think is my very first blog post.

It was quite a few years ago and quite a few blogs ago too.

and it goes something like this…

Everyone’s doing it...

so I thought I’d give it a try too. Blogging that is… I’m on a quest to save the most money that I can without being to crazy about it. So far I have signed up at A Full Cup and at My Savings and I follow several money saving blogs as well. I’m starting to get the hang of it, but I’m still very inexperienced compared to many people out there in blog land.   I’ve bought and sold on ebay and amazon for years and I’m getting better with craigslist. I go to many of the thrift stores to shop too.   I am now getting into CVS and learning how to roll the extra bucks. Very cool if you can learn to do it right.   I hope to start posting pictures soon. Just gotta get a few extra moments in the day.

  I never did find any extra moments in the day. Apparently there are only 1440 minutes in a day and you just can’t stretch time.  Although I have tried.

But I guess I did learn to blog just a little better. (at least I HOPE I’m a bit better than I was.)

I used to only refer to my kids by their first letter and age.  I was always afraid that someone would find out it was me behind the blog. I was so shy. I always wanted to be invisible.  Now?

Now, I look forward to being recognized.

I actually LIKE to be referred to as the blogger mom.

I still like to save as much as I can but I am no longer fanatical about it. No more “crazy coupon lady” comments whispered behind my back. (that I know of)

Okay maybe I was a bit crazy with the coupons. Several separate transactions at a time. Handfuls of coupons at one time too. Can you say cashier’s nightmare?  The large coupon binder that went everywhere with me (never know when you’ll find a good deal on the clearance rack) Working all the angles to save a buck. ETC ETC ETC… YUCK!

I may not be the crazy coupon lady anymore, but I’m still pretty crazy ( at least people with 2.5 kids seem to think so) and I STILL blog.

Hopefully my blogging is a little better than it was back then..

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