About All of Us

If you know me, you would definitely agree that I am…

One Crazy Momma

I am a busy mom of seven kids.

Yes they are all ours. No none are adopted. Yes we have a tv. No we weren’t trying for a baseball team. No we were not trying to compete with the Duggars. Any other questions?

I’ve been married to Jim for 19 years and we live in the state of Florida. Living in Florida definitely has its advantages. We  can often be found visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay because it is so close. We are also close to the Orlando parks and go there several times a year. Of course don’t forget the new kid on the block, Legoland Florida


About the kids

Kyle is 19. He is a great guy who is into gaming. His current favorites include all of the Halo games and Mass Effect 3 as well as Gears of War. Kyle also spends a great deal of time reading and writing fanfiction. He finished his high school education through homeschooling and is now planning on attending the local community college in the fall.


Sean is 18 and just graduated high school June 2012. His emphasis in school was on the Electrical and Solar Energy Programs. He also spends a great deal of time gaming both on XBOX 360 and on PC. He is an avid World of Warcraft gamer. He also will be attending Community College in the fall.


Matthew is 16 and going into his junior year at high school. He is a member of the Naval Junior ROTC.  When not shining his shoes for the Colonel, he also plays a lot of games. His interest is with Gears of War and Portal 2.  Matthew likes to swim when it is warm and helps out quite a bit with car repairs.


Jacob is 14 and will be starting High School in the fall. Jacob likes to play many of the same games as the rest of the boys. He will be the first to try a new game as well.  He will be joining the NJROTC also. He likes to keep in good physical shape and can be found doing chin-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and all those other “ups” that I try to avoid when possible. He also likes to sing with Guitar Hero.


Zachary is the youngest boy at 12 years old.  He is in middle school and growing very rapidly. He currently likes to play Skylanders on XBOX 360 as well as playing outside with his friends. He and his friends are interested in many various things such as Legos and AirSoft guns. (wide variation there LOL)


Emily is a 10 year old who thinks she is a lot older. She currently is going into the 5th grade and spends a lot of time chatting her friends on Facebook. She enjoys going to amusement parks and roller skating. She doesn’t spend quite as much time gaming as her brothers but she still plays quite a bit. She also plays Halo multiplayer with the rest of the kids and is quite obsessed with Avenged Sevenfold.


Megan is the baby of the family at 7 years old. She will be in 3rd grade this year. She likes to play Minecraft on PC when she can. She will also play Disney games and Spore on PC. She can be found outside on her scooter or in the pool quite often. She also likes to go roller skating with her sister.


We do a lot together as a family. We go to the beach or the local parks fairly often and will camp on occasion too. At least once a month, we head to Busch Gardens to ride the rides or to just see the shows. Another fun destination for us is the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa. We also will grill outside quite often because the weather here is generally so nice. We are very adventurous as a family and will be the first to try something new.


Two dogs complete our family, Thor and Rover. Thor is a 2 year old brindle pitbull mix. He is an absolute sweetheart whose goal in life is to eat us out of house and home. Rover is a 12 year old beagle mix who snores like a bandsaw. They are the best of buddies.


I started this blog over a year ago so that I had something to do during the day when the kids were in school. It has grown so much from that first post. I talk about whatever comes to mind good, bad or indifferent. I really enjoy getting to know everyone that stops by to read what I write. Feel free to say hi and drop me a note.

I am also always open to any and all media requests.




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