Amazon to Charge Sales Tax in Florida

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Let’s face it, Amazon has become a large part of our shopping life. Everyone knows Amazon. I’m sure most people have even made a purchase or two there.


I know that if given a choice between spending $107 at a store such as Walmart or $100 at Amazon, I would usually choose Amazon. Why?

Because I’m cheap.  Because I don’t mind waiting 2 days for something if it means saving money. This is especially true when it comes to larger ticket items.


In fact, my kids have been wanting an Xbox One Console – Titanfall Bundle like this one at Amazon:




Purchasing it by the end of the month will save me $32 in taxes. On May 1st, Amazon will begin charging sales tax in the state of Florida.


Because they will opening distribution centers here. This is actually good news in the long run because it will mean quicker deliveries and of course more jobs.

But I believe that sales will drop off a bit for items that are close in price to the local stores. After all, why wait for something you can buy and use the same day?

Of course, Amazon will always be the first place I turn to for those harder to find items. Phone cases, books and of course the Deal of the day.


Did you know that Amazon also has local deals? I’ve found many ways to save money with these deals. Look through and see if there is anything that catches your eye. Maybe you’ll find a great bargain.


Amazon and I will never part ways but I’m sure our relationship will be changing.  But then again, does anything ever stay the same for long?


Let me know what you think…





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