Are you guilty of these 5 Facebook Don’ts?


These days everyone is on Facebook. And we use it A LOT. In fact, using Facebook has become a way of life. So much so, that it is often the first thing that you check in the morning and the last thing at night.


It should come as no surprise that people form opinions of you solely based on what they read on your Facebook profile.


Trying to get a job? Your new employer WILL see what you have posted.



Are you really presenting yourself in the best light?

Or do you commit these major Facebook blunders.


1. Typing like you are a 13 year old.  

girl texting


This is okay only if you are under 18.


SRSLY if u rite lke this idk if u no ne better. (translation: seriously, if you write like this I don’t know if you know any better.)


It is NOT that hard to type out complete words. You sound unintelligent when you type in text speak. It is hard to take a 40 year old seriously when you sound like a middle-schooler.



2. Having a public fight with your spouse or friend.



This really should go without saying. Mad at the husband for not pulling his weight around the house? DO NOT let the whole world know about it!

I have seen this way too often.


It really sucks to come home to a messy house after I work so hard all day!

Well it wouldn’t be so messy if you just picked up after yourself!

If you actually got off your butt and did something it wouldn’t get this bad. I work all day while you sit home and play video games. You are so lazy. Why haven’t you gotten a job yet?

You know I have been trying to find a job! You’re such a BITCH!


Like it or not people notice that you fight like this. Who wants to hang out with this couple in public? And they wonder why none of their friends invite them out anymore…


3. Bashing a person behind their back.

divorce kid


This usually happens with divorced couples but can include inlaws etc.


My ex is such a loser! I had to take him to court again for child support. If he would stop using so much cocaine maybe he could afford to take care of his own kids.

AND the court said he could have them every other weekend. Maybe I’ll let him if starts paying me more!


This is especially wrong if your kids will see what you are writing. That is STILL your child’s father/mother. Bad mouthing someone can end up biting you in the butt. Eventually it will get back to the other person and it can even be used against you legally.


4.Posting inappropriate pictures.

don't post selfies like this!
don’t post selfies like this!


This should go without saying.


No one needs to see you drunk, nearly nude, or committing an illegal act,even if you think your photos are private. Nothing is totally private anymore. All it takes is one friend to share it and now the whole world has access.


In fact, more and more people are being prosecuted solely based on a Facebook picture. Don’t let it be you.


5. Using other people’s pictures or words as your own.



This is theft pure and simple. Creative content belongs to the originator. If you really like what someone else has posted, ask if you can use it, then attribute it. DO NOT just copy it and use it as your own.


Too many bloggers are finding their blog posts and sometimes even their kids pictures on other people’s Facebook wall. People are even going so far as to claim kids as their own. Very creepy!

If you didn’t create it, ask permission first!



And there you have it, my top 5 Facebook don’ts. This list is by no means complete, there are so many other things that could be included here.
Are there any don’ts that you’d like to include? Leave me a comment telling me your Facebook don’t…


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