Life and Stuff…

Hey you!   How are you today? Good I hope.   So what’s new here at home?   Well not a whole lot and a bunch all at the same time. I’m still here in Pa and I plan to be here for a long time coming. So that’s kinda the same ol same ole. Being in a really small town is a whole new experience for me and the girls. One that we are enjoying. It’s definitely different though. Not too much anonymity compared to big Spring Hill, Florida. […]

Rejoining the WorkForce at MidLife

Rejoining the workforce. What a concept. It isn’t an easy process. But it’s sometimes necessary. That doesn’t change how scary it can be though.   Especially when you haven’t worked in a traditional job in many years.       As a serial entrepreneur, finding just the right job was important to me. I spent many hours searching for and applying for jobs on many of the job boards. These included , , and the Pennsylvania state job board.   I finally accepted a job offer from Levin Furniture after what […]

SingleCare Makes Buying Diabetes Supplies Cheaper

You know what, you guys?  I don’t talk about it often, but having Diabetes totally sucks! There is so much work involved with maintaining my health due to the diabetes and also with having high blood pressure. But it has to be done. Certain times of the year present more of challenge to my health than others, of course. All the candy and sweets during holidays can be a terrible temptation. Oh my gosh but don’t I LOVE me some chocolate…     And of course the cute little chocolate […]