Beware of the Girl Scout Cookies!



Oh my goodness! You will never believe what happened to me today! Please, please, please let my experience be a warning to you, Do Not Trust Those Girl Scout Cookies!


Now as some you may know, sugar is not my friend. No big deal though. I’m very good about controlling the amount of sugar that I eat. Most of the time…


I am very careful to watch the amounts of sugar in the stuff that I buy. But when it comes to those pesky Girl Scout Cookies, all bets are off. I buy them and hope the kids eat them quickly so that I won’t be tempted to over indulge.

But this morning..Oh you’ll never believe it!


I read the side label of the Do-Si-Dos sitting conveniently on my desk.  ( Okay I may have put them there myself) At 11 grams of sugar in a 3 cookie serving size, I would eat 1 (2?).

Girl Scout Cookies Do-Si-Dos
Girl Scout Cookies Do-Si-Dos

After I ate my 1 (okay 2) cookies, I went back to using my computer and completely ignoring those delicious cookies just to my right.


And that’s when it happened..


Oh dear reader, you’ll never believe it. It was like a tv commercial come to life!


Those cookies snuck up on me!    They did!


A few of them crept out of that package and pinned me down. And then, and then, Oh I can barely say it…


They took turns diving into my mouth! One after another!

The Diving Do-Si-Do Cookieman

First it was a graceful swan dive. Oh did that one taste so good! Next came a front twisting dive. At the last moment it twisted into two pieces, one tastier than the next.


I struggled, I strained, but I couldn’t break free.


A backward pike dive came next. These cookies had Olympic caliber skills, y’all. I was reeling from shock and enjoyment  dismay.


Finally the last cookie cannonballed into my mouth. That was the last straw. I struggled, fought back and freed myself from their grasp.


But the damage was done. Before I could get away, I ate FIVE cookies!

F -I -V- E Cookies!


The smile on my face was the only evidence of the crime just committed. I would be ashamed, but I’m the victim here. Right?!?


And I can’t wait for it to happen again!


Please note that this is purely imaginary and in no way is meant to disparage Girl Scouts or Girl Scout Cookies. I just needed an excuse as to why I ate so many cookies and this is what my imagination came up with.

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