When the “What-if Monster” Strikes

The what-if’s, oh how much I hate them! They attack me out of the blue. Just when I think I have it all together, the what-if’s sneak up on me and BAM! I’m an emotional wreck.   Right now, I’m stressing over the upcoming Type A Conference. What if no one likes me? What if I don’t wear the right things? What if I’m really out of my league? What if I suck as a blogger? What if I’m wasting my time trying to succeed as a blogger? What if […]

Procrastination at it’s VERY Best

  Earlier today I stumbled on a long forgotten version of this blog that was hosted on Blogger and found this gem in the draft section.   Yep, I never published this. I wonder why?     So I decided to put it up here for your enjoyment and my bemusement.     I’ll do it later   Procrastination… we all do it. Some of us are just better at it than others. My family? We are very gifted at it. Not something I’m really proud of, but when you’re […]

Keep Blogging Personal

  It’s no secret that I’ve been online for a long time. Like a REALLY long time. Since before AOL was invented. Before many other services that have come and gone. As a matter of fact, I was a beta tester for AOL. (I thought it was too clunky BTW) I’ve been around THAT long. And I’ve been reading what we now call blogs since then. Even after all these years, I can still recall the personal stories that were shared in many of the online communities. Stories of adoption, […]