How To Prepare For An Extended Power Outage

    As I sit here writing this post, Hurricane Irma is baring down on Florida. People are stressed. And panicked. And seemingly preparing for the end of the world. In a lot of the wrong ways unfortunately.   What do I mean by that? Well um, I don’t want to look down on other people’s ideas of what survival food is, but really Ramen Noodles?! In bulk. Come on no one wants to eat that for a week. And buying 24 cases of bottled water? when you never drink […]

Welcome to MidLife, Momma!

“Midlife That means old, doesn’t it?!   There’s no way I’m old enough to be a midlife blogger!”   At least that’s what I thought a few years ago. You see I was at one of my favorite blogger conferences (TypeA Parent) and several of my favorite blogger people were going to dinner as a group. A midlife blogger group. Gulp! We were going to be joining a bunch of old ladies that had blogs. Oh well, It would be a good learning experience if nothing else, right?   Imagine […]

Keep Your Closets Happy With Goodwill

    Let’s face it, when you are trying to be frugal and have a large family, buying clothes and household goods can really take a bite out of the budget. Buying clothes for kids that grow faster than weeds can put you in the poorhouse! That’s why thrifting is so very important to me. I L-O-V-E a good thrift store shopping trip! Like truly, madly love it. ¬†Where else can you get brand names for your children such as Hollister and Aeropostale for as little as $2.07 each? My […]