The Myth of the Perfect Parent

Pssst!   Hey You! Yeah, You! Can you tell me when it happened? When did you become the perfect parent? Exactly when was is it that you became so infallible as a parent that you can judge everyone else?   Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but I am NOT a perfect parent. In fact I believe that no one is a perfect parent. Are you judging me yet? Let me tell you something….The perfect parent is a myth!   We all have had incidents while parenting that could have had […]

Death, Stress and Blogging

Hey ya’ll! It feels like forever since I’ve blogged last. The last eight months have been trying to say the least. In November, December and January, I lost an uncle. That’s a total of 3 uncles in 3 months. All around the holidays. My dad, bless his soul, took it really hard. ¬†Really hard.   In the 20 years that I’ve lived away from the Pittsburgh area,my dad spoke to me less and less often on the phone. His hearing was getting worse every year and he just didn’t feel […]

Spring Hill Six Flags

Helicopters, Coyotes, and Six Flags What Do They Have in Common?

Helicopters, Coyotes and Six Flags Amusement Park. On the surface they are such unrelated things. To most of the country, they are harmless words. But here in Spring Hill, Florida you may be met with an icy stare or even outright disdain for uttering these words. As in: What’s with all of the helicopters flying so low last night? How come I saw a helicopter just circling my neighborhood for hours today?¬† I think I saw a coyote (or pack of coyotes) on the side of the road? Why do […]