Free Preschool Pass to SeaWorld & Busch Gardens!

    Do you live in Florida?   Have a child (or children) under 6?   Don’t miss this great Busch Gardens and Sea World deal!   Just click the picture above and register for a free pass valid for the rest of the year!   This is NOT an affiliate link. I just thought it was such a great deal that I would pass it on to you!

Disney on Ice: An Awesome Show!

This is a sponsored post.   Are you a Disney fan? Do you enjoy watching figure skaters work their magic on ice?  Why not combine the two and see   Disney on Ice!   This is an incredible show. My kids and I loved it. My husband was mesmerized too!  We took these  incredible pictures on opening night, Thursday May 15, 2014 here in Tampa.   My daughter Emily, 12,  said that she felt like she was a part of the action. That  she was a princess on ice too!  […]

Winn Dixie: Same Faces, Brand New Store

    This is a sponsored post.         Recently, the Sweetbay store at 4221 Mariner Blvd here in Spring Hill Florida was converted to a Winn Dixie. I’ll be the first to admit that I hardly shopped at Sweetbay. In fact, not many people did shop at Sweetbay. Although the staff at the store is extremely pleasant and the store was clean, the sales just weren’t very good. I often ran in to that store when I was in a hurry because I could get in and […]