My 30 Day Personal Challenge

September already? When did that happen?! Right after August, you say? I guess you’re right but it just seems like it was only March a few weeks ago. Time just has this way of continuing on even when I’m not ready for it. Do you ever feel that way? I have developed the horrendous habit of just letting life flow by. While most days it is less stressful this way, other times it causes a severe amount of stress. Deadlines? They have a BAD habit of arriving when you aren’t […]

Nutrisystem on a budget

Over the years I’ve wanted to try Nurtisystem to help lose some weight. The big thing that has always held me back? The cost . I mean why would I want to invest hundreds of dollars for a monthly plan when I had no idea what it would even taste like? Sure, you hear all the celebrities talking about how great it tastes and how well it works, but they get paid for that, don’t they? Enter Big Lots. I love Big Lots! Big Lots is the only retail store […]