Ten of My Favorite No-Cost Blogging Tools

  1. WordPress¬† WordPress is a great platform to get started on. It also isn’t too hard to convert to a self-hosted blog. Of course the paid (self-hosted) version has a lot more features than does the free version, but free is good when you are just getting started.   2. PicMonkey¬†PicMonkey is a terrific way to edit pictures and create graphics for your website and social media accounts. Watermarking your pictures is so easy to do with this. They offer a free account with no limits on how long […]

101 Facts About This Crazy Momma

Hey there!   Would you like to know a bit more about what makes this crazy momma unique? Well here are 101 facts about me:   I’m a midlife momma ( late 40’s as a matter of fact) I have 7 kids. I was in the Army. I have Diabetes. I’m owned by a cute dog. I’m tolerated by an aloof cat. I have blogged for many many years. I’m not a consistent blogger. I’ve been online since 1992. I live in Florida. My home will always be in Western […]

Welcome to MidLife, Momma!

“Midlife That means old, doesn’t it?!   There’s no way I’m old enough to be a midlife blogger!”   At least that’s what I thought a few years ago. You see I was at one of my favorite blogger conferences (TypeA Parent) and several of my favorite blogger people were going to dinner as a group. A midlife blogger group. Gulp! We were going to be joining a bunch of old ladies that had blogs. Oh well, It would be a good learning experience if nothing else, right?   Imagine […]