I Solved a Murder Mystery (sort of)

    At least I thought I solved the Murder Mystery.   Turns out I was wrong..   But I had fun and that’s what counts, right? Now I’m sure you are wondering what I’m talking about.. Well, here’s the deal…   Last month, I was invited to attend a Murder Mystery at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tampa. In return for letting you know all about it here, I received two complimentary Gold Circle tickets. I had heard about these Murder Mystery Dinners but I had never attended one before. […]

Spring Hill Six Flags

Helicopters, Coyotes, and Six Flags What Do They Have in Common?

Helicopters, Coyotes and Six Flags Amusement Park. On the surface they are such unrelated things. To most of the country, they are harmless words. But here in Spring Hill, Florida you may be met with an icy stare or even outright disdain for uttering these words. As in: What’s with all of the helicopters flying so low last night? How come I saw a helicopter just circling my neighborhood for hours today?  I think I saw a coyote (or pack of coyotes) on the side of the road? Why do […]

9/11 memorial

Visiting the Flight 93 Memorial

September 11, 2001   A day that will be forever etched into the minds of everyone around the world. Most Especially for us in United States. The day that the world collectively stopped and held their breath. Afraid for the first time. Attacked where we felt safest- at home.   On flight 93 that day were everyday people doing an everyday thing, flying. Flying home, flying for work, just sitting back relaxing and headed to the opposite coast like people had done daily for many years. But something was very […]