101 Facts About This Crazy Momma

Hey there!   Would you like to know a bit more about what makes this crazy momma unique? Well here are 101 facts about me:   I’m a midlife momma ( late 40’s as a matter of fact) I have 7 kids. I was in the Army. I have Diabetes. I’m owned by a cute dog. I’m tolerated by an aloof cat. I have blogged for many many years. I’m not a consistent blogger. I’ve been online since 1992. I live in Florida. My home will always be in Western […]

BlogHer17 Recap: Was it worth it?

Last October, when I saw that BlogHer was coming to Orlando, I decided to purchase a ticket. Even though I’ve heard a lot about BlogHer, I had truly never wanted to go. Honestly much of what I had heard was negative. It’s too big. It’s too hard to get into the sessions. Too much exclusivity with the ¬†invite only sessions. ¬†But being so close, I decided to find out for myself. I arrived a bit late on the first day, registered and headed to my off-site hotel. Unfortunately, I missed […]

The Myth of the Perfect Parent

Pssst!   Hey You! Yeah, You! Can you tell me when it happened? When did you become the perfect parent? Exactly when was is it that you became so infallible as a parent that you can judge everyone else?   Maybe I shouldn’t admit it, but I am NOT a perfect parent. In fact I believe that no one is a perfect parent. Are you judging me yet? Let me tell you something….The perfect parent is a myth!   We all have had incidents while parenting that could have had […]