Thoughts on School By Emily

I, Emily Bobbert actually think School is highly intelligent, fun and amazing! Just seeing a kid turn into something different it blows my mind.  My teachers Mr. Stabley, Mrs. Krienes,  Mrs. Ellis help me so much! Math, Science, and Reading are getting stepped up everyday. 5th grade is hard but I  fight back everyday. I feel bad for a kid that doesnt know as much, I want to help in every way. I love it when I see my friends , have fun, and learn at the same time! School means something to me […]

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher, Thank you for taking on the challenge of educating my kids this year. I know that it isn’t an easy job and that the pay probably stinks too. But yet you still manage to make it look somewhat easy. As a parent of 7, I have had kids enrolled in the school system continuously for 17+ years. After this long, I couldn’t help but develop some ideas on how to make the school year smoother for both of us. I will be dealing with approximately 25 individual teachers […]

Back to School Shopping List Madness

It’s Mid-August which means back to school here in Florida. Back to School time! Hooray! Ahem, Sorry, my excitement got the better of me there.. Although back to school time is exciting for some of us, it also comes with a bit of stress too. Those dreaded back to school lists hit us where we live, in the wallet. Some of these lists are a bit ridiculous to say the least. Like really? Who comes up with these things? When you have a larger family it almost feels like you […]