Life and Stuff…

Hey you!   How are you today? Good I hope.   So what’s new here at home?   Well not a whole lot and a bunch all at the same time. I’m still here in Pa and I plan to be here for a long time coming. So that’s kinda the same ol same ole. Being in a really small town is a whole new experience for me and the girls. One that we are enjoying. It’s definitely different though. Not too much anonymity compared to big Spring Hill, Florida. […]

Rejoining the WorkForce at MidLife

Rejoining the workforce. What a concept. It isn’t an easy process. But it’s sometimes necessary. That doesn’t change how scary it can be though.   Especially when you haven’t worked in a traditional job in many years.       As a serial entrepreneur, finding just the right job was important to me. I spent many hours searching for and applying for jobs on many of the job boards. These included , , and the Pennsylvania state job board.   I finally accepted a job offer from Levin Furniture after what […]

Software As A Service Success Tips

Have you ever used an online based software program? You know, like Google Docs or even Citrix GoToMeeting? Then you’ve been using something called Software As A Service (SaaS). Software As A Service exists in the cloud and replaces the traditional software that is loaded onto your computer saving you precious hard drive space. Creating something new online is a goal that many young entrepreneurs have but building a software program is only the beginning. You could make the  most awesome program ever but then it fails because you don’t […]