Confessions of an Information Junkie

For the most part, I am the average normal suburban mom-type.

Except…I gotta secret…


I am an information junkie!


I read.

A lot.

Like alot a lot!

The most dreaded words in the english language for me? I Don’t Know


I Don’t Know” is the one phrase that I absolutely HATE to utter.


I have to know…everything.I was the nerd in high school that read the dictionary just to improve my vocabulary.

I read the encyclopedia in my spare time.In fact, I read everything..


My mailman must hate me. I get a ton of mail every day. (not very environmentally friendly, I know)

I thought it would be fun to list the magazines and newspapers that I read regularly. I know that I will miss a few. but here goes…



Hernando Today newspaper

St Pete Times newspaper

This Week in Consumer Electronics


Bloomburg Business Week

Web Wholesaler




Plane and Pilot

Car and Driver


Good Housekeeping

Womans Day

Family Circle

All You

Marie Claire


Opera News


Town and Country


National Geographic

Food and Wine

Cooking Club

Gardening How-to

Ladies Home Journal


Taste of Home



Family Fun


I’m sure there are more that I missed. This is just a general list off the top of my head. I also watch many news shows and other informative tv programs through out the day. Eventually, my brain may explode from too much information. It’ll be messy, I’m sure.


Until that happens, I may just be the most over-educated, under-credentialed housewife on the planet!


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