Conquering Wash Day Woes

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Wash Day


Two words that can put the fear in every mom’s heart. Especially those of us with large families. With nine people in our house, it seems like every day is wash day.

Oh how our older washing machine takes a beating. In fact, it’s starting to complain about how much overuse it gets. It may only be a matter of time before it just gives up and turns in it’s resignation.

That’s why I’ve been researching new washers at Best Buy.


My absolute favorite? LG’s TwinWash System

With LG’s TwinWash system you get the best of both worlds. For small loads that can’t wait (The sweatpants after hot yoga, the red shirt in a pile of whites, the dirty school uniform on a Sunday night) there is the LG SideKick pedestal washer. You can even use it simultaneously while you do a bigger load up top on your LG Front load washer.

Not only do these washers have mega capacity to tackle any size load, they are energy efficient while giving you the best cleaning performance. No wonder more households have chosen LG laundry over any other brand!


It seems like there is always that one extra thing that needs washed. That favorite “it can’t wait” shirt.  Or the favorite blankey a kid needs to sleep tonight.

Personally, I always seem to have just over two loads of clothes to wash. Too much for 2 loads but not enough for 3. The LG TwinWash System would be great for this. I hate running the washer with only a few items and wasting all that water. The pedestal washer could be running at the same time as the regular load and  Viola! clothes are all done so much quicker.

Think of the time and water I can save on the small loads. I’d love that for sure!


AND from now until  4/25/18 you’ll receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home.  How great is that!


Save some money and get an awesome washing machine too? Yes please!

I guess I should start saving my pennies to buy this soon before the washer here just quits soon.  Until then I just dream of a new LG TwinWash System while I’m trying to conquer my wash day woes.


Who knew that I could get so excited over doing laundry?






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