Delving into Family History


Family History


We all have one. Sometimes more than one I guess.


I only recently became interested in truly exploring mine. It just wasn’t something that was really discussed when I was growing up. Especially on my father’s side.


You see, my grandmother was a bit of an enigma. A true anomaly in the modern world.


She had 21 kids.


Yes you read that right.



She had 21 kids!


Of those 21, she had 5 sets of twins and a set of triplets. In addition, there were 8 singleton births.


That is A LOT of kids.


I never really met my grandfather. They were separated long before I was born. I shook his hand once though. I was on my way to some group activity or other and he was in a car with some other family members. They pulled up to talk to me, opened the rear car door and introduced him. I shook his hand politely and that was that. Kind of sad, but it was nice to at least meet him.


I found these two pictures of the family on ebay yesterday and I couldn’t resist purchasing them. I’m only using these images here because I did just buy the original ones.

dadw13 dadwithtrips

My dad was the spitting image of his father at the same age.  I’ve never seen many pictures of this side of my family. Many of the kids were placed into the juvenile system not too long after this.


I did just recently learn that my grandfather had 2 brothers and a sister. I’m looking forward to learning much more about the Griser family in the future.


How about you guys? Any fascinating family history to share?

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  1. My grandmother is one of those 21 children 🙂 Her name is Dorothy. I’m still amazed that my great grandmother had so many children!

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