Did you ever ride ON TOP of a train?!

I did!

Yesterday as a matter of fact!



As the result of Tropical Storm Debby, my husband had to take a different way home from work. He passed a sign that pointed to Crews Lake Park that said  “CP&G Railroad” His interest was peaked.

A quick search online revealed that it was the Central Pasco and Gulf railroad. A really cool small scale rail line. And what luck they were open on the weekend. So since Megan was the only “little” home that day we took her and went for a visit.

The cost was just right. Donation Only.. They suggest $1 per rider. I would suggest giving a little more if you can afford to. Something like this should be maintained by the public as much as possible.

What better way to see Old Florida than from a cool mini train?

My husband took this cool video from his 3d phone so you may have to turn the 3d off. Or better yet break out the 3d glasses!
They are only running the train on the second Saturday every month. So you need to plan ahead. But it is definitely worth the trip. Especially if you have a kid that loves trains.

One of the engines
Unloading passengers

The bench seat on the train



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