Don't Tease me cause I'm different

I was cleaning out my draft folder this morning and I found this post written in September 2012 but never published. I thought I’d share it today.

teasing for differences




Having small children can certainly be a learning experience. The wisdom contained in such small bodies is often a lot more profound than most people know.


I learn a lot by just listening in to the conversations that go on in my house. For example this is what one child had to say to another yesterday.



“People have their differences and it’s not right to tease someone based on their differences.

Like some people are fat, that doesn’t mean that you can tease them about it. It’s just how they are. 

And I’m scared to learn to ride a bike. That doesn’t mean that you can tease me because I’m different. I’m just me. It’s okay to be yourself, you know.”


I’m always amazed at how eloquently this particular child can express herself.

She is able to say just how she feels in such a way that you feel as if she read it from a book.  Her use of terminology and phrasing is just that good.


“I don’t like the way that those two play together and exclude me because then I  feel like a third wheel. Being excluded hurts my feelings and makes me feel insecure.”


Unfortunately, not every child can put their feelings into words. It is up to us as adults to make sure the unspoken words are heard just as loudly as the spoken voice.

Have that difficult conversation with your child. Let them know that it’s not okay to treat people poorly because they are different.


And maybe, just maybe, the world will be a little bit better for a child with differences.

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