>Easter Eggs of “Spring Spheres”?


Where are those pesky eggs?

Today was the Easter egg hunt for first grade at school.At least at my kids’ school, they are still Easter Eggs. This year…Who know what they will decide to call them next year. Hopefully, there won’t be an issue about this but, with the way things are, you never know…
The kids had a great time. That’s Megan there with her back turned, intently looking for eggs with her name on it. They are very smart at our school. Each egg has a child’s name written on it. That way every child gets the same amount of eggs. No fighting over who touched it first.No “I got more than you” fights.
Megan with her basket of eggs
Megan found her eggs and was a happy camper. She got candy after all. What kid isn’t happy with candy? After that, they had brunch. Lots of good food! Sausage biscuits, pigs in a blanket, casseroles, bagels, and fruit. Then, of course, there was cupcakes and carrot cake. Megan got fruit and a sausage biscuit as well as carrot cake and a cupcake. She says “Most of my food is healfy, right Momma? Except this cupcake, it’s pure sugar!”
My health conscious kids, LOL. I was bit embarrassed because she said it in front of the mom that brought the cupcakes. Oh well, it  was true. 
The teachers kind of encourage you to take your kid home early on days like this. Not that I mind. It’s more one on one time with one individual child. There is never enough of that to go around. Especially when they are small.
Well, it seems that the neighbor kids have all gravitated to my yard. Not a big deal. I can watch them better over here anyhow. They seem to have fun with each other. They were “tearing up the yard” across the street. They are renters and grass is a big deal in Florida. It is impossibly hard to grow. You don’t want to replace it. Costs a fortune. So they are tearing up my yard, LOL. I don’t care. Kids are only little once. My old people neighbors already hate MY lawn. can’t get too much worse than it is. 
Kids playing Duck,Duck, Goose
Such is life for us today. How are you?

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