>First impressions of EASports Active 2

>Well, I just finished my first workout with EASports Active 2 for XBOX 360 and I must say, I’m impressed! It was an excellent workout for this older out of shape mom. Unlike the videos that are the market today or the tv shows that are out there, you are actually accountable for doing the reps required. No skipping a few or waiting until that part is over. Gotta do em to get to the next part.

The only time that this was a problem is when it was time for the floor exercises, namely push-ups and sit -ups. The Kinect sensor just doesn’t seem to read correctly. Maybe it’s just me or the way we have the Kinect positioned in my house. I’m not sure. But I think that this is something that Microsoft will need to address eventually.

I love the heart monitor too. Great for instant feedback. I’m looking forward to the next 9 weeks. If you are looking for a challenging workout and don’t wanna pay for a personal trainer, do the next best thing. Buy a personal trainer in a box from EASports!

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