>For the Love of Chocolate..

>Yes It’s true…I freely admit it… I LOVE Chocolate…not just a little… a whole lot…like um…don’t make me chose between my blog and chocolate…oooh I know… how about a chocolate blog!

Today I wanted chocolate soo much that I had to make SOMETHING….course I didn’t know what.. Cake takes too long to get that chocolate fix. No candy in the house either…soo

I made pudding…yep good ole chocolate pudding. Homemade of course

. Oh now you know why I have a bit of a weight problem.

Weight problem?

 I don’t have a weight problem!…. I have a height problem!

 I am the perfect weight…if only I was 7 foot tall…. tee hee

Okay, okay.. I ‘ll share my recipe… just cause y’all asked so nicely…

Nancy’s HomeMade Chocolate Pudding

1/2 cup  sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tablespoons cornstarch
2 cups milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
mix together the sugar, cocoa and cornstarch until its well blended
stir in the milk until its smooth
microwave for 3 minutes
microwave for 30 seconds  stir again
continue microwaving and stirring until thickened
add in the vanilla stirring well
cool and eat!

This is so much better than boxed pudding too. Quick, easy and uses things that most everyone has in the pantry. Just don’t eat too much…LOL goes right to the hips …I should know…

Of course, you can always add in some whipped topping to make it more mousse like. or add in bananas or brownie pieces or whatever you got. Yummy!

Hope you all enjoy!

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