Hello Fresh Saves My Dinner Time Sanity!

 This a sponsored post. I received a box of 3 meals for 2 people in exchange.  All opinions are my own.


It’s 6 pm. AGAIN!


and the kids are hungry AGAIN!


Damn, I swear I just fed them last week. Next thing you know they are going to be expecting this dinner thing daily.


Can you imagine? Feeding kids daily?!?


It is such a pain trying to come up with new ideas for dinner. Every. Single. Day.


First you have to find a recipe that will appease everyone. Then you have to travel to the store to purchase all of it.

Hopefully you only have to make one stop.

Realistically, you’ll have to make at least 2. If not more. Only to find out that no one has (insert critically important ingredient here)


Then it’s back home to throw something together so the kids don’t starve to death.


If only there was a better way!


Now, thanks to Hello Fresh, there is!


Wait, what? You say you’ve never heard of Hello Fresh ? Well, I hadn’t either until I was given this opportunity to review their service.


What it is…


Hello Fresh is a home delivery service that provides everything you need to cook 3 delicious and nutritious meals every week. They do the shopping so that you don’t have to!  How freaking cool is that!


Every week you get to choose 3 meals out of a selection of 5 and then they ship it right to your door. You can purchase a box for 2 people or for 4 people. They send all (or 99%) of the ingredients pre-measured and labelled. Occasionally you may need to use your own oil or salt or something minimal like that. But everything else is already there.

I personally got to review a box for 2 people and let me tell you, the amount of food was plentiful.

  Steak and brussel sprouts stirfry #HelloFresh

The first meal that I made was the Steak and Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry.

Let me tell ya, I was nervous to try this one. Brussels Sprouts?! Really?!! I mean who likes Brussels sprouts? These are the things that are maligned in just about every children’s book and tv show ever made.


But I followed the detailed recipe card and made them anyway. I figured I’d try a nibble and if I really didn’t like it, I would just eat the steak and rice out of it. Imagine my surprise when I found that I actually LIKED them! Okay, not liked but LOVED!!


I made it for an early lunch for myself (the benefits of being home alone all day) and I’m kind of almost ashamed (not really) to admit I didn’t share this with anyone. It was my early lunch, pre-dinner snack and my dinner substitute. (everyone else had Taco Bell this night)


I will be making this recipe again. It was SO Good!


The  following day all of the kids were home so I made both meals remaining meals in the early afternoon.

  Chicken Quinoa Stew #HelloFresh

The Chicken Quinoa Stew was a huge hit. The portions for 2 people must be tremendously enormous because 5 of us ate large bowls and we still had some left over. I was really shocked that they enjoyed this so much. After all, It contains quinoa and zucchini in a soup. But they didn’t even bat an eye at the ingredients. The only thing I would recommend if you try this one is that you go easy on the pepper flakes. It can get a bit spicy.

  pork tenderloin #hellofresh

Finally, I made the Pork tenderloin with the Lemony Skillet Potatoes and Zucchini. This too was huge hit. In fact, I wish that I had had enough foresight to buy extra ingredients to double or triple this one. I portioned it out for four of us but everyone wanted seconds.


Again, I was worried about how they would like the zucchini in it, but they ate it all. Not a morsel left. Delicious!

Overall, I would have to say that Hello Fresh is an awesome service. I really wish that I could continue paying for it but with only one income, we are spread a little too financially thin.( that means we be broke lol)

BUT, if you sign up using code 9L2L36 you will get $20 off of your first box and I’ll get $20 off too. How cool is that? Then maybe we could BOTH afford it and compare notes on how much we LOVE it!

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for Hello Fresh today and start enjoying all of the time that you aren’t wasting at the grocery store!

To see more reviews on Hello Fresh check out this link: http://mosaicreviews.com/hello-fresh/


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  1. Omg! I so could have used this service when I had my babies when they were newborns. We didn’t have anyone to make us easy meals. This would have been awesome! I think I’ll have to check this out! I think its great especially for those that just can’t get to the store or getting out and about is difficult for them.
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