Help! Is Summer Over, YET?

It’s official.

My kids are driving me crazy.

And not the good kind of crazy.

The looney tunes, ready for the mental hospital Crazy.

and I still have another month to go before they are back to school.


They fight. They fight about everything!

A typical day in my house includes fights over..

Who should be allowed to go to a friends house. As in Zack will fight with Emily because he wasn’t allowed to go to anyone’s house when he was 10. No matter that he is going with her to the same house. Or that I can see said house from my driveway. (I watch her going the whole way there and coming the whole way home) It just matters to him that I wouldn’t let him go anywhere when he was 10. ( I did not know the neighborhood parents then)

Then Megan and Emily do the “she’s copying me” fight. One of them gets ice cream, the next one asks for some, then the screaming commences. She’s copying me, make her stop!”  Uh she’s breathing air too. Should she stop just cause you took a breath first?!

How about “I was sitting here!” Yep, apparently now only one of my lovely children may occupy the living room at a time.  The others must not deign to enter the grand ruler’s space.  They will make a begrudging exception when faced with Momma’s wrath, but the stink eye commences..

Or then there is “I wanna play on the XBOX make him give me a turn” While that sounds like a reasonable request at first glance, it really isn’t. We have not one, not two, but 3 yes THREE XBOX 360’s. It is a matter of which size tv they want to use. Or where there “profile” is located. Profiles are generally stored on flash drives or should be. That way they can use any of the XBOX’s. One of them put his profile on the hard drive in the living room so that he “had” to use that XBOX thus using the biggest tv.  Not cool… guess you’ll wait your turn then, buddy.


I haven’t even touched on the “I’m bored” whine..”Oh my Goodness! Really? I have an idea, clean your pigsty of a room! No? Then go jump in the pool…You’re tired of swimming…watch tv…you already did?…then play a game with your sister…you want ME to play cards with you?…oh alright…we’ll play go fish AGAIN…”

Or one of my absolute favorites, “You said yesterday that I could go in the pool today and now it’s RAINING! IT’s ALL YOUR FAULT! I HATE YOU!!!” Uh yeah, I can now control when it does and does not rain and I caused it to rain just to upset her highness.


So yeah, my blogging has been a little lax lately..I had planned on finally getting around to fixing the header and buttons and all that mundane design stuff. Unfortunately, I am a major perfectionist and get frustrated easily. Anything like design requires concentration and concentration requires quiet. (at least for me) So I guess you all will have to continue looking at my ugly blog header.

Thank goodness, relief is in sight. School starts August 20. I am counting down the days!


4 thoughts on “Help! Is Summer Over, YET?”

  1. It’s either laugh or cry at this point. I chose to try to laugh I guess. Counting down the days for school start.

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