Hernando County says,”Welcome to Moe’s!”

I may be biased, but I think I live in one of the best areas of Florida. We have darn near everything we need. Everything else is a within driving distance.

If you plan ahead, that is.



But then you get hungry…

And not just for anything ordinary…you want something special…

A nice big juicy burrito perhaps? YUM YUM!!

This used to mean a bit of a drive and when you’re hangry like I often am,  more than 15 minutes away means it’s not gonna happen.


Oh dear friends, fear not! No more settling for the substandard bell of the tacos for you!




That’s right, Moe’s has moved in! Right next to the new Hobby Lobby and Dick’s Sporting Goods at the corner of Mariner Blvd and Cortez (RT 50)



you can score free burritos for a year!


How you may ask?

Simply by being one of the first 50 customers on opening day October 8,2015 at 11am. So go get in line now and if you are lucky, you will get one free burrito every week for a whole year!

There will also be prizes and games for the whole family. It looks to be a lot of fun.


Come on out Hernando County and welcome Moe’s franchise owner, Guy Campbell to the Nature Coast family.  Let’s all say it together now…


Welcome to Moe’s!

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