>How I feed my family of 9 on the cheap

>My food budget for our large family used to be outrageous. I’m sure you can imagine. The USDA says that a thrifty family of my size should spend $1241 every four weeks just for food! That is soo much money! And that is their thrifty plan! Can you imagine what Their liberal plan would be? I don’t even want to calculate that! I tried to keep it under $200 a week but it was a challenge. That is still $800 a month just for food. Wow!

I started using Angel Food Ministries about 6 months ago. They are great! I buy 4 of the Bountiful Blessings Boxes.

What a great deal! I spend $164 on four boxes and then I only have to supplement this with bread, milk and fixings like seasonings, and a few other things.My budget is actually closer to $400 a month for a family of 9. Yes only $400!!!

Angel Food is not just for poor or needy either. Think of it more like a food co-op. The more people that buy from them, the better discounts that they get from their suppliers. That, in turn, leads to more and better quality of foods that they can provide in the boxes. Definitely a win-win for everyone!

Of course, I do spend a little more than that some months, especially if we order pizza or something like that. I do use a lot of coupons as well. My favorite coupon site is  A Full Cup. I love being able to match coupon and sales with such ease. I have saved literally thousands in the 18 months that I have using couponing sites.

I hope some of these ideas help you to reduce your monthly grocery bill too. I’ll post more ideas whenever I think of them.

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