How to Prepare for a Hurricane

A hurricane is coming and you’re scared. Well being scared is okay. A healthy sense of fear is a good thing when it comes to dangerous storms. But the best thing can do for yourself and your  family is to be prepared. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO PREPARED!

The first thing to do is to check our evacuation zones. If you are in a mobile home just evacuate, don’t wait! A mobile home is not safe during a hurricane. Also remember, if you choose not to evacuate, there will not be emergency services of an kind during the storm. Let me repeat that    THERE WILL NOT BE ANY EMERGENCY SERVICES DURING THE STORM!

After you have checked your evacuation zones, then clear your yard of anything that could potentially fly. This includes all patio furniture, planters, kids toys and anything else that you can move.You do not want something flying through your windows! If it is too large to move inside, throw it into the swimming pool if you have one. Also check your trees for dead branches and remove them if you can.

If you are staying in place, make sure you have a fully stocked supply kit. This should include:

Bleach to clean your water supply. When you know a storm is imminent, clean your bathtub with bleach and fill it with water. You can use this water to drink or cook with as well as clean with.

Water drinking water for 3 days. Do not trust your municipal supply or your well water. Until you hear differently, assume that all water is contaminated. Better safe than sorry.

Food  Again keep at least 3 days supply on hand. Also make sure you have a manual can opener because your power will go out and you still need to eat.

Cooking fuel  No power means no stove. I personally use a sterno stove because it is small and easily storable. You can also use a grill BUT NOT INDOORS! Do not risk carbon monoxide poisoning! Eat cold food until the majority of the storm passes and then go outside your home to cook.

Sanitation Supply Toilet paper, trash bags, general cleaning goods. No trips to the store for a while…

Flashlights, lanterns and batteries

Entertainment Cards, board games, things to keep the family occupied without the benefit of electricity. Also try to have a battery operated radio for staying informed.

Cash  Some stores will be open but atms will not be functioning. You may need to buy something such as ice or gas…


I will post a list later of the things you need to do electronically to make life easier after a storm.


Above all, stay safe. and when in doubt get out! Only “hunker down” or “shelter in place” if you feel comfortable doing so. It is always better to be safe than sorry!


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