Hurricane Isaac

Ready or not, Hurricane Isaac is on it’s way. Right now it is projected to head into the Gulf and towards Louisiana. It will be missing us here in Western Florida although we will be getting tropical force winds and rains.

After living in Florida for 10+ years, we’ve come to expect an occasional tropical storm and/or hurricane. We generally stay prepared throughout the season (June 1-Nov 1)

Last year in school Megan learned about storms and their categories. This is her take on things.

Tropical storm- It’s gonna rain and be kinda windy.


Category 1 – More wind and maybe more rain, not a real big deal. No school, yay!

Category 2 It’s getting worse but you can still stay your house if its made of concrete or something. Don’t go outside, its too windy.

Category 3 It’s not good, maybe you should think of evacuating. Go to the local shelter early if it’s coming your way.

Category 4 This one is kinda a bad one. Go to a shelter or a basement if you have one. (most people in Florida don’t have basements)

Category 5 This is the WORST one. Go to a different state if you can. If not go to a really strong shelter.


We did go do the requisite trip to the store for additional supplies earlier today. The shelves we fairly well stocked except for the lantern and flashlight areas. We already have several although I did buy another flashlight. Can never have too many flashlights.

We will probably lose power tonight or tomorrow which means we won’t be online much. But rest assured, we will be fine.  We will only be getting  “tropical storm” weather here. and as Megan says, “It’s no big deal”

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  1. My daughter had just moved to New Orleans, and lives right by the French Quarter area, so I was very worried! So glad it was not as bad as anticipated and everyone was okay:) Thanks for this post! 🙂

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