Hurry—we’re late AGAIN!

“Hurry it up!”      “We’re late AGAIN!”


Megan late for school

Oh Goodness, how I wish I didn’t have to utter this phrase again and again and…

well you get the idea… Growing up, my mom insisted that we be on time  five minutes early for everything. But then I got married and had kids… late kids..late for EVERYTHING kids.

As one of  the older ones explains it, they were born with the *I don’t give a @#$* gene*

Another one quipped back the other day ” What? Is the world gonna stop if we’re late?”

It seems like playing catch up with the rest of the world. Scratch that, it’s ME that is playing catch up. They are perfectly content to move at their own pace.

I’ve tried the whole ‘let them suffer the consequences of their actions’ routine.

Didn’t work

Punishment for being late?

that didn’t work either…

Reward system?

Nuttin there either.

So I’ve resorted to what many other moms in situation do… I yell…A LOT

All that seems to accomplish is that I give myself a headache.


Thankfully school is out next week   But until then I’ve got an 8th grade graduation to deal with tonight.

Tomorrow Son #2 graduates high school…and we’ll probably be late for the ceremony.

and I’ll be yelling…

HURRY— we’re late AGAIN!


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