I want to be a Runner.




It’s true. I want to be a runner. You know, like a Marathon runner? Quite a lofty goal for someone who jiggles like jello when I even walk fast. I used to run a l-o-n-g time ago. Like a really, really long time ago. Like back in my Army days.Like more than 20 years ago.Yes I said years! That’s when I injured my foot. And I have never really attempted to truly run again. Like I said a L-O-N-G time ago.

But now? I want to run. I want to race too. 5k. 10k maybe even a marathon one day. and… laugh if you will… but,  I have always wanted to do the Marine Corp Mud Run  Crazy huh?

It looks like fun. But dreams and wishes can only take you so far. You gotta get some action into your passion

I created a list of actionable steps to get me closer to my goal.

1.Visit the doctor.

I have already done this one. I’m quite overweight so this of course is a must before attempting any exercise. I am on high blood pressure meds as well as prescription iron. I’m also in danger of becoming diabetic. Weight loss will help a great deal with this.


Visit the podiatrist.


Haven’t done this one yet. This normally wouldn’t be on everyone’s list but it is on mine because of the previous problems I’ve had with my foot. Besides the army injury, I have also broken a toe and it never healed quite right. I will at the very least need shoe recommendations from a doctor. I may also need shoe inserts to help with alignment.


3. Purchase an appropriate pair of running shoes.


There are so many great shoe companies out there that make wonderful shoes. The trick is to find the right pair for me. The best thing to do here is to go to a specialty running store and be fitted for the right shoe. Trust me, injuring your foot while running is NOT something you ever want to do. It may take years to recover from that and sometimes you just don’t recover from it. Take a little time in the beginning to get the right shoe!


4. Find some online inspiration.


There are a lot of great people online to help motivate you into action. Check out BookieBoo and Sparkpeople to get you inspired to move more. Reading about how others have dropped the weight and gotten fit makes me want to do it too.


I will be starting the couch to 5k program found here as soon as I see the podiatrist. Will you be joining me?


5. Get moving!

Reading and planning are great but they can only take you so far. You gotta get moving! I’ll be putting some Action into my Passion this week…

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  1. Were you reading my mind (and examining my jiggles and bad ankles?) 🙂 great post – and to do list! So many people I know who are running look and feel great, I would love for that to be me. Best wishes!!

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