Is blogging really that hard?

What a loaded question. Is blogging really that hard?

Well, I guess the answer really depends on the person that you ask and the reason that you asked it.

Yes, it is hard on those days when the thoughts just won’t flow smoothly. and it’s hard on those days when you really want to say what you shouldn’t.

Like those times you wanna say “Mr Acme Company owner, your company sucks big donkey balls and I hate you!” (disclaimer, I don’t know anyone named ACME nor do I ever wish that name on any child. Nor do I know anyone with the last name of Company so this in no way reflects on anyone I know)

Its also hard when it gets a little too personal. Those times when you wanna say that your family member ( which ever one you are fighting with at the time) is a giant douchebag, but you can’t. Because you know that in another day or two all will be forgiven but the whole blogosphere will now and forever think of your sweet significant other as the douchebag.

It’s hard when you have to say the difficult things too. If you’ve spent any time at all reading blogs, I’m sure you have seen those posts that no one wants to write. The ones where someone is sharing that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. Or that someone has died. I am not able to fathom the depth of courage that it must take to endure those things let alone blog about them.

But really blogging shouldn’t be that hard. It should be personal. It should be you. Who cares if your sentences are a little run-on at times. No one will call the grammar police, I swear. It might drive some of us a little batty to see the words “there they’re and their” used incorrectly, but we get over it pretty quick.

Blogging is a great outlet to get your voice out there. It is fun, I promise. Once you get started writing out your thoughts, it becomes therapeutic in a way. A relief to share what is on your mind and not keep it all bottled up inside.

The best way to get started? Just get started! Don’t worry about how you sound, or who will read it. Forget about what to say. Just say what is on your mind, someone somewhere feels the same way that you do. Go do it now, it isn’t that hard.

Blogging is not that hard!





2 thoughts on “Is blogging really that hard?”

  1. I think it really depends on what you are trying to get out of it in the first place. I think blogging “content” can be hard at times, and for all the reasons you described. But yes it really can be therapeutic and a nice creative outlet.

    1. I would totally agree with you that content can be extremely hard. But for those people contemplating whether or not to get started, I would say just do it. It isn’t so difficult that you should chose not to blog at all.

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