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Back at the end of September, I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Type A Conference in Atlanta. While there, the nice people of Rachael Ray Nutrish treated me and a few of my blogger friends to a gorgeous gourmet lunch.

Let me tell ya, as Rachael says, it was DELISH!

As a mom of so many kids, I don’t often get treated to a sit down lunch. Especially not one with such great service and terrific food. I loved every moment of it! Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures of things at the conference. But I did manage to get this picture of my food before I inhaled it.



After eating this delicious plateful of food, they served us an awesome dessert and quizzed us a little on our knowledge of Rachael Ray. My roommate Jennifer of Jen’s Journey was the winner of a set of Rachael Ray Cookware. (Congratulations again, Jen!)

Then we got to hear all about the  Rachael Ray Nutrish line of dog foods and snacks. Let me tell ya, I am impressed!

Did you know that the new Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Turkey and Potato Recipe contains NO GRAINS, GLUTENS OR FILLERS?

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain

How great is that? Really, what dog naturally wants  grains? None that I know of, that’s for sure.


I was so excited that as soon as I got home, I sat my dog, Thor, down to tell him all about it.

Thor, brindle pitbull


I let him know that  U.S. Farm Raised Turkey is the #1 ingredient

AND           There is

Zero poultry by-product meal

Zero artificial colors

Zero artificial flavors

Zero artificial preservatives

Zero grains

Zero glutens

Zero fillers


So what does it have?

Whole Potatoes, Peas and Tapioca which are a great vegetable carbohydrate source that is easily digestible.

Beet Pulp for a great fiber source

Whole Flaxseed and Poultry Fat for a shiny healthy looking coat.

and of course TURKEY! What dog doesn’t love turkey?



Sadly, my dog was thoroughly unimpressed with my lecture. He gave me a blank stare. I’m sure his thoughts were something along the lines of, “Really Mom? What the heck are saying? I don’t understand a word of that!”

Then I gave him one of the sample bags. (Yes, I opened it first. I’m not THAT crazy!)


Thor, brindle pitbull

In fact, he begged for more..

Thor has been a terrific dog from the moment I got him, a tiny lapdog in the body of an 80 pound pitbull. I tend to spoil him whenever I can. Now with Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain, I can feel like I’m spoiling him while giving him something that’s good for him.

Even better?

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Rachael Ray Nutrish goes to Rachael’s Rescue which helps out organizations such as



North Shore Animal League                                   Bad Rap



                                                           ASPCA                                                                America’s VetDogs



Shelters are so important for our forgotten animals. In a perfect world there would be no unwanted animals . Until then we need people like to Rachael Ray to help fund these great organizations.

My dog, Thor, was an unwanted animal at first. I was pulling into a local parking lot on a rainy day  3 years ago when a young mom with a baby and toddler in her cart stepped in front of my truck. She had a cute little brindle pit bull pup in her hand and when I rolled down the window she asked me to please take him. Her landlord was going to evict her if she didn’t get rid of him by the end of the day.

I had been secretly wanting a male brindle pit bull pup but wasn’t actively looking for one. It seemed like divine intervention at that point. How could I say no?

brindle pitbull puppy


So now this gorgeous puppy has grown into a great family dog that we want to live a long, happy life. A big part of the long, happy life is insuring a great diet. That now includes feeding him Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain!







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