It’s My Birthday, I’ll Cry If I Want To

I know, that’s really not how that song goes. But everytime I say “It’s my birthday” that’s what pops into my head next.  Do I listen to oldies music too much?

I don’t have anything to cry about today. Of course there are hundreds of things that I could write about that would make me tear up. The state of the economy, civil unrest in the middle east. starving children etc. etc.etc… But nothing on a personal level.

I had a GREAT time at the Central Florida Blogging Conference Saturday. It was my birthday present to me.  While I was there, I even got to meet Adrianna from Military Money Chica That was really cool. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I get to be in the same room with such awesome bloggers.  As Wayne and Garth would say “I’m not worthy!”

Yesterday 6 of the kids, my husband and I went to Denny’s for an early birthday dinner. While of course the company was great, the service was ridiculous. We waited over 30 minutes for our food.

And then it was brought in stages.

Group 1 got their food nearly 10 minutes before group 2.  Which meant that 3 kids were nearly done eating when the rest of us finally got the food.

And then the garlic bread for several meals was brought 10 minutes after that. Like was it supposed to be dessert?!

Yeah, they lost our business. When I pay over $100 for a meal, I expect it to be brought on time and all at once. I guess I’m picky like that.




Well, today has been pretty darn good. Jacob got a 100% on a math test! A 100%!!!

That may not seem like a big deal but it really is.

The conversation went something like this.

“My math teacher was handing back tests today”

“Really” Already I’m thinking oh, no. You see Jacob has a learning disability centered on math.

“Yeah, he said that most kids got 40’s and 50’s.”

“So how did you do?” I wasn’t expecting good news…

“A couple of kids got A’s and B’s and one kid got a hundred”

By now I thought he was stalling because he did so poorly

“One kid asked who got the hundred and the teacher pointed to me!”

“What? You got a hundred on a math test?!”

The pride was just beaming on his face by now, “Yeah, I got the ONLY 100% in the class!”

I was completely floored! He is a regular Algebra 1 math class. and he got a 100%!!!

I am a very proud momma today!

If nothing else, that was the best birthday present that I could of asked for.

Way to go, Jacob!



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