>I’ve created a Monster

>It’s true, I’ve created a monster. Or maybe a few monsters, I don’t know…

Today was eye doctor appointment day for 2 kids. I told them that I was going to go start the truck so we wouldn’t have to take the bus…and they REVOLTED LIKE BIG TIME!

They wanted to walk to the public bus stop and then ride the bus across town. “We get more exercise that way, Mom!”

“It’s Healfier that way too,” says the other one. She still doesn’t say “th” too well.

“I like to walk,” chipped in the first one.

Ugh, so much for mom being lazy, I guess. I shoved my laptop in my purse (that’s why i have a Dell Mini, LOL), put a smile on my face, and said, “Let’s Go!”

Riding the bus is always a unique experience. You never know what kind of characters you will find on a public bus. Thankfully, its generally a normal trip for the most part. It’s not a big city here, so no big city public transportation issues. No homeless old men sleeping in the back seats.(had that happen on a bus up north) no young guys with drugs offering to share either.(don’t ask!)

We got to the eye doctor about an hour later. Would have been a 5 or 10 minute car ride of course. Not a big deal. They enjoyed the trip over. Almost $300 later we paid for the glasses that they picked out. Then it was off to Steak and Shake. They love to eat there. After that, we went to JoAnn Fabrics and Target. Then it was back on the bus. The return trip takes almost an hour and a half! Long bus ride!

Megan fell asleep. I nearly did too. Okay…I did…fall…asleep…until my head bobbed to my knees. ; } How embarrassing!

All in all, we had a good, albeit expensive, day. More quality time with the kiddos than I would have had while driving, that’s for sure!

My monsters  uh kids love to walk. They are exercise Monsters!


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  1. Walking and buses…hmmmm. Brings back memories of childhood, of walking through East Pittsburgh, riding out to Eastland, watching the brown wingtips of another era through the years, first beside me as I held the hand of the man who has had the greatest impact on the man I became, and then from behind as I struggled to keep up with an “old man” who probably never knew a truly lazy day.

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