Let’s Celebrate My Birthday!

It’s here.

The day I’ve both dreaded and looked forward to for a long time.

My 50th Birthday!

I swear it feels like I just graduated  high school last year. How can I be 50?!

I still don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up, y’all!

In a lot of ways I really haven’t grown up, just older. Know what I mean?

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid! There’s a million toys at Toys R US that I can play with!



Somehow being 50 is strange. It’s a milestone that I set so many “somedays” on. You know those don’t you?


“Someday I’ll travel the world, maybe by the time I’m 50.”

“Someday I’ll own a huge cabin in the woods, certainly before I turn 50”



Well I’m here to tell you that “someday” just don’t work for goal setting.  Putting things off for tomorrow, or “when I have more time” has led to this blog being nearly abandoned. Sadly I’ve watched more and more bloggers better than I could ever hope to be shut down their blogs. I don’t wanna look back in a few years and say I wish I would have continued. So my birthday gift to myself is to revive this blog.


My goals for year 50:

  1.  To blog on a regular schedule- Tuesdays and Thursdays at a minimum.
  2.  Make time for my healthcare needs.
  3.  Be more physically active.
  4.  Learn something new monthly.
  5.  Dust off my novel and finish it.
  6.  Post more often on social networks and not just resharing memes.
  7.  Carve out time with my IRL friends.
  8.  Try new things.
  9.  Attend at least 1 conference in 2020.
  10.  Completely update and revamp this blog.


Overall, I am glad to be 50. Not enough people get to see their 50th birthday.  Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I would.  So I really wanna celebrate that achievement with you guys. How you may ask?


Well with a giveaway of course! From now until Halloween, anyone that joins my email list (don’t worry I won’t spam you) and comments on this post will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Target.

So comment below and tell me how you will (or did) celebrate your next milestone birthday!




2 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate My Birthday!”

  1. My next birthday is my eighteenth! Hopefully there will be snow so I’ll be making a snowman lol, it’s the little things that matter. <3

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