Life and Stuff…

Hey you!


How are you today? Good I hope.


So what’s new here at home?


Well not a whole lot and a bunch all at the same time. I’m still here in Pa and I plan to be here for a long time coming. So that’s kinda the same ol same ole. Being in a really small town is a whole new experience for me and the girls. One that we are enjoying. It’s definitely different though. Not too much anonymity compared to big Spring Hill, Florida.

Funny, I never thought of Spring Hill as being a big town before. It felt small in relation to Tampa or Orlando. But Mount Pleasant compared to Spring Hill? Yeah it’s T-I-N-Y here. 4500 people compared to 150,000. Yeah big big change. But it is refreshing to get to know people who wave and ask after the family and real Mayberry things such as that.

Speaking of family..

What a motley bunch!

Last weekend was the family reunion for Irma Griser’s decendents.  About 40 people showed up. That was a fair representation I guess. But in a family where there were 21 children born, having  40 show up was a small token of what there could have been. It was really great seeing everyone after so many years of being away, there were even new relatives to meet. Those that married into our craziness and the kids that  have been born in the past (gulp!) thirty years.

I guess it’s time to already think about next year!


My job selling furniture is going well. I actually am finding that maybe I even (gasp) like selling furniture. Keeping “real job” hours has been something I am getting used to although it does get in the way of spontaneity. No rushing out at the last minute to do fun things at the drop of the hat. But make no mistake, I’ll still be doing all the fun stuff that I can.


I’m still trying to find my way in life, but every day seems a little better. I’ve got a ton planned for this here blog, so please stop back and check in on me.


I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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