>Life Gets in the Way

>I always seem to intend to blog daily but then life gets in the way of blogging. Not that I can complain much because it’s just, well, life.

My blog calendar is full of these great ideas for posts. So much so that I could blog twice a day for the rest of the year and still have ideas left over. I just don’t seem to sit down and write out all these elaborate posts that are already written inside my head. My head is a busy place LOL

You see, it’s FCAT time here in Florida. For those of you not in Florida (lucky you) the FCAT is this be all and end all test that our kids take every year. The magic years are third grade and 10th grade. Fail the FCAT and fail the school year. No matter what your report grades were. Needless to say, my third grader has been panicking.

I’ve assured her that she’ll do fine, but the pressure is incredible for a kid her age. She’s only 9!!! It’s as if she is taking the SAT to get into college! It’s 3rd grade! Fail the FCAT in high school and you don’t get a diploma until you pass it. No matter what your grade point average is.

About a month ago, some kids moved in to the house across the street. This is the first time in 10 years that we have had neighbor kids. It’s always been old, cranky people. It is Florida after all. Lots of retirees in our area. My kids are enjoying the pleasures of playing tag as I type this. Being the overly cautious parent that I am, I am sitting out front watching them.

While sitting here, I realized that I kind of stagnated in developing this blog properly, so I will spend a little time tomorrow figuring out how to make it look better. I may migrate to wordpress. I don’t know. I’ve heard good and bad about both. At the very least, I need to figure out how to add tags to my posts so that I can sort them into categories. I’m open to suggestions…

and by the way…TAG YOU”RE IT!

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