Life is Full of Unexpected Events

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I’m sure you know how it goes, things are going along fine one minute and then the next minute?


The baby gets sick, the dog runs away, the computer crashes taking your report that was due tomorrow with it..

Or you get into a car accident on the way home.

Yep a car accident..

Like the one my husband was involved in recently.

He was on his way home from work the same as always and had stopped behind a car turning left. The thing is, the car behind him didn’t stop.

He was rear-ended pretty hard and the end result was that his car was totalled.

Thankfully he wasn’t hurt but it is reassuring to know that if he had been hurt we had options. Since we live in the Tampa area we knew that the personal injury attorneys are available 24/7.

As it was we needed to make sure all of bases were covered. Our insurance company was helpful in getting everything squared away. We are still are without a car but at least we no longer have a car loan to deal with. That is a plus.

Car accidents are scary. But knowing what to do when you are involved in an accident makes it easier to deal with. Here are some things to keep in mind.


First of all Stay calm. Accidents suck but loosing your cool can make a bad situation much worse.

Check to see if anyone is injured. Vehicles can be replaced, people can’t.

Call for help. Your first call should always be 911 if someone is hurt. The non-emergency police number for your area should be used if you need help but it is not urgent.

Move the vehicles out of the roadway if possible.

Call your insurance company as soon as you are able.

Take pictures of the damage. 


Here in Florida you have 2 weeks from the time of an accident to seek medical attention and to call a lawyer. So if you are in pain or if you think you may be hurt at all, get some help. Don’t wait too long or you give up your rights to compensation. Over the course of the following two weeks I asked my husband multiple times about how he was feeling. He was fine but not everyone is after an accident. If you find that you are hurting after an accident maybe you should consult the personal injury attorney Tampa has at


Now to find another car to replace our lost one… hmmm


maybe a Suburu?!? Only time will tell




This is a sponsored post. I have received compensation in exchange for posting this information.

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