Meet Loki

Isn’t it funny how our pets become such an important part of our lives seemingly overnight? That’s exactly what happened with little LOKI our kitty.


It all began on Memorial Day this year, 2015. We got home late and I was in a rush to get school clothes ready for the next day. I was loading the washing machine in the garage when I first heard it, an animal wailing outside. Because we live near a large wooded Boy Scout Preserve complete with many wild animals, I ignored it at first.

About an hour later, I went in to move the clothes to the dryer and I heard it again. It sounded so pitiful. I thought for sure that it was some type of animal wounded by a coyote or something. I HAD to go investigate.

Since it was like nearly midnight, I asked one of the boys to come outside with me. I had no idea what we would find. Once out front, I realized that what I was hearing was a cat.

After some investigating, we discovered that it was coming from one of the cars. We looked underneath. We looked inside the engine. We even looked inside the car. Nothing.

It was inside the body of the fender. Had to be something small. A full size cat could have never squeezed in there.

Matthew started removing the screws that held the fender area together, and suddenly the sound was coming from under a different car. It had gotten out.

That’s when we caught a glimpse of a small cat. How small we had no idea yet.

As Matthew tried to reach it, it darted off again. This time it was between the front door and screen door. He never stopped the plaintive meowing the whole time.

Once we picked him up and took him inside, we saw just how little he was.


He was only 4 or 5 weeks old. Very little. So scared.

He was soo little
He was soo little

After a quick trip to Walmart for kitten supplies at nearly  1 AM, he somehow became ours.

Baby Kitten
Loki likes to snuggle on your shoulder.

Now he’s around 6 months old and quite a character.

He thinks he is a miniature dog-person.

He knows how to sit and lie down.

He “talks”. A LOT.

He likes to be carried like a baby.


And we couldn’t imagine life without him.



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