My Dollar Goes Far at Save-A-Lot!

Can I just say that I LOVE Save-A-Lot? Like really love shopping there.


Well, it’s definitely not for the ambiance. No deli or bakery here. This is not your local upscale grocery chain. (Wegman’s comes to mind)

The reason I shop at Save-A-Lot?

The Prices! They are phenomenal!  Save-A-Lot’s website says that you can save up to 40% over traditional grocery store prices, but I personally have saved well over 50% on some items. It all depends on how high the prices are at your local chain.

Singing in the Aisles of Save-A-Lot

My favorite items at Save-A-Lot are cupboard staples like mac and cheese, canned soups and canned vegetables. I also purchase meats and produce at one of the Save-A-Lot stores in my area. Their store brand is comparable to the name brands, but cost so much less.  We like the taste of mostly all of the items that we’ve ever purchased which is great. The one disappointment that comes to mind right away is the ketchup.

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area, and in Pittsburgh, Heinz=ketchup and ketchup=Heinz. Nothing else really compares. I will admit to substituting Hunt’s on rare occasions, but even that doesn’t really measure up.

Since the selection is a lot smaller at Save-A-Lot, I don’t spend all day in the store either. AND


Yep, if they have a name brand in stock (some things are carried on a limited time basis) and you have a coupon for it, you can save even more! How awesome is that!


They also have coupons on their Facebook page! $5 off of $25 right now as a matter of fact.

savings to dance for

Recently, I received a gift card for Save-A-Lot thanks to Angela at The Pagan Mom Blog. Angela won it at the Type-A Parent Conference and since she didn’t have one in her area, she sent it on to me. (Wasn’t that so awesome of her!) I made quick work of the card by heading off to Save-A-Lot that evening. I stocked up on meats, soups, pastas and teenage boy foods. With 6 kids, it can be a challenge to keep food in the house.Especially junk foods. So I bought them chips and soda too. They were loving their momma ( at least for an afternoon, lol)

I printed off my $5 coupon and headed out the door with 2 little girls in tow. Of course I took my De Waffelbakker’s bags with me since Save-A-Lot does not provide bags. You can buy some of the plastic ones at the register if you need to but I prefer to take my own.

The one thing I forgot to bring was an extra quarter. They now have a cart lock system similar to Aldi’s. You must put a quarter into the slot on the cart handle to release the chain that connects it to another cart. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of this  so that you can see what I mean.

Thankfully, Emily rescued me because she brought her change purse and loaned her dear ole momma a quarter.

We shopped for about 45 minutes and bagged our stuff ourselves in the front of the store. Loaded the car and headed home to some happy brothers.

cart loaded and ready to go

Are you headed to Save-A-Lot yet? No? How about if I tell you that Christina at Well, in THIS House is hosting a giveaway for a $100 gift card to Save-A-Lot?  Stop on by and enter to win. Tell her hello and she just might say “hi” back.

See you in the aisles!


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