>My false body image…

>Normally when you hear people complain about a false body image, you think larger than they are. My problem is the opposite. In my mind’s eye, I am still 19 and in great shape. NOT! I still see myself as that 114 pound wonder that I was, not the 41 year old 190 pound blob that I have become. You wouldn’t think that it is much of a problem to view yourself as thinner than you are, but boy is it a problem!

I have a hard time buying clothes that flatter my shape because I don’t know how to work with my shape. It’s obvious that I can no longer fit into a size 6 or 8 or even 14. But when online shopping, those are the types of clothes that I gravitate towards. I have gotten better about it lately though. It helps that I’ve also lost 25 pounds in recent months.

I can now wear a 16 in most things. This is a big deal because most manufacturers stop at 16 with clothing lines. Then it is into plus sizes which are hard to navigate. I am really short legged which makes it hard to find bottoms that fit right. Believe it or not, capris usually fit me perfectly as long pants. Occassionally they can be just a little too short making it look like I have floodwaters on.

Petite clothing is not made short enough in the larger sizes to fit me right. They are actually too long. Why is that? I know I’m not the only 5’1 size 16 or 18 in the world!

The best solution for me? Lose some more weight. I would like to get down to a size 12 or even 10. I don’t expect to get to a lower size than this. Age and body type pretty much dictates that. I just wanna look like I feel.

In my mind’s eye, I am still an athlete. I used to run. Haven’t tried that in 18 years now. Scared of what would actually jiggle if I did run. LOL I would love to run a 5k.. Thought about trying the couch to 5k program, but (insert lame excuse here)

To get started in returning to a healthy lifestyle, I have been eating better, and walking a lot more. I even try to take the public bus instead of jumping in a car to go places. This requires walking to and from bus stops to get where I am going.

I also purchased EASports  Active2 for XBOX 360. I’m gonna start it for the first time as soon as I finish this post. It’s 9 weeks long. I’ll update along the way. EA SPORTS Active 2

Today I am 190 pounds. I haven’t measured inches in quite a while and quite frankly, I am too lazy to find the tape measure today…I will start doing that soon though. I’ll update all that info weekly to keep myself honest…
Anyone else wanna join in? Make this a challenge? Work together?

Time for me to go workout…see ya tomorrow!

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