No more Perfection Procrastination!


This year I plan to stop overthinking when it comes to social media.  I am an expert at overthinking everything. It is horrible.

I don’t post often enough because I want to get things just right. Tweaking this and that. Making sure all of the grammar and spelling is perfect. (even though I do use a lot of fragmented sentences)

I have something that I like to call

Perfection Procrastination!!!

I will procrastinate writing because I want it to be perfect. I guess it goes back to that whole What will People think thing…Before I even realize it, I’ve missed an opportunity to post something because it is not timely anymore.

As of Jan 1, 2012, I vow to post more often. No more perfect posts.

My social media goals this year include…


I hope to also make it to at least one conference this year. Going to a conference will help me to take my blogging more seriously.

Of course, I’m open to sponsorship requests and will be much more PR friendly this year too : )

2 thoughts on “No more Perfection Procrastination!”

    1. Well…um…since I missed yesterday’s meeting cause I couldn’t find the right um…shoes to wear…I’ll plan on going to next week’s meeting…if I plan now…

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