Nutrisystem on a budget

Over the years I’ve wanted to try Nurtisystem to help lose some weight. The big thing that has always held me back? The cost . I mean why would I want to invest hundreds of dollars for a monthly plan when I had no idea what it would even taste like? Sure, you hear all the celebrities talking about how great it tastes and how well it works, but they get paid for that, don’t they?

Enter Big Lots. I love Big Lots!

Big Lots is the only retail store to carry Nutrisystem products. And it’s cheap too..The average cost seems to be $1 for lunches and desserts and $3 for dinner items. Breakfast is about $1 too. I have been buying a few items here and there over the course of several months. Just enough for an occasional meal replacement. Then it went on sale..

at the price of…

3 for $1

yes that’s right! only .34 each! I stocked up big time! and..

I love the taste of Nutrisystem!

I really never thought I could say that about “diet food” but this stuff is good! Even the chocolate things. If you have ever eaten diet bars or even energy bars, then you know how chalky the chocolate can taste.

Not nutrisystem chocolate. In fact, it’s almost too good! I wanted seconds..(didn’t eat seconds but I really wanted to)

I also really like all of the lunch items I have eaten so far as well as mostly all of the desserts and snacks.

I say mostly because I have found that I really did not like the Nacho Crisps. Not enough nacho flavor for me.


I have been eating Nutrisystem for breakfast, lunch and snacks and then eating a sensible dinner. Doing this combined with going to my local Anytime Fitness 4-5 days a week has helped me lose 2 pant sizes. I am down to a size 14!

If you remember my post about creating a better fit, that was my short term goal. Whoo Hoo! Now on to a size 12…


For Breakfast i have been known to eat a Nutrisystem Chocolate Chip Cookie with a cup of coffee. The cookies are so good and filling that you only need to eat one.

My favorite lunch? A toss up between Pasta and Beef and Noodles with Vegetables and Chicken.

The meals are satisfying and very filling. No need to worry about being hungry right after you eat like with other diet plans.

I wish my finances allowed for me to purchase the actual monthly plan, but with 7 kids it just isn’t in the budget right now. If you have been debating it and you can afford it, I say go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

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