Procrastination at it’s VERY Best


Earlier today I stumbled on a long forgotten version of this blog that was hosted on Blogger and found this gem in the draft section.


Yep, I never published this.

I wonder why?



So I decided to put it up here for your enjoyment and my bemusement.



I’ll do it later


Procrastination… we all do it. Some of us are just better at it than others. My family? We are very gifted at it. Not something I’m really proud of, but when you’re talented at something, you should let everyone know, right? Right? You are agreeing with me, aren’t you? LOL


I always intend to update my blog daily. Just not right away…I’ll get to it after I…(insert lame excuse here) Time passes so quickly when you put things off. That four hours you wasted debating about vacuuming the car? You could’ve had it done in less than 10 minutes and then had a clear head to do something else without the nagging gotta get it done feeling lurking in the back of your mind.



I never did finish this post. I don’t even know what direction I wanted it go in.

I’m sure there was a point that I was trying to make about doing something now instead of putting it off.


I still don’t blog daily.


and yes, procrastination plays a huge role in that.



I’ve gotten better at not wanting to be perfect at everything. It’s okay to NOT know it all.  I found this great article that explains why we procrastinate. Reading it was a great way to put off finishing this post.



Of course, my family could STILL beat anyone out there in a procrastination contest…

as long as we do it later….

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