Reflections on the Fourth of July

As I sit here listening and watching the multitude of fireworks explode all around me, I can’t help but think of what the “fourth of July” means.   It isn’t just about the cookouts and the fireworks. It is oh so much more.

The proper name for this day is Independence Day. A day set aside for our country to celebrate the freedoms that so many fought and died for. Freedoms that too many people take for granted every day. Until one by one are freedoms are taken away.

Like the freedom to be represented in government. You remember “No Taxation Without Representation”, right?

But are you truly represented?

Over the years our government system has morphed into something it was not designed to be. Our country was not built on the premise that career politicians should run it. On the contrary, it was meant that people would take a 2 to 4 year hiatus from their regular job as farmers, shop owners,  business men and whatever to help create the laws and run the government. In return they would get a salary to replace their income for that time period. Once they were finished they would go back to their former life.

No where in the constitution does it say that the country should be run by career politicians. Politicians who make decisions on the lives of thousands of people that they have no experience with. Do they really know what it is like to struggle to provide food or clothing? Do they know the fear of having their electricity or water turned off?  How about not being able to take your child to the doctor because you can’t afford it?

I hear so much debate about the way things are done but until enough people take a stand and say something, nothing will change. I am guilty of this too. I can say all I want to friends or family but until I too am willing to stand up and be counted, my opinion will not matter.

This Independence Day stand up for your freedoms. Let your voice be heard. Stop voting for career politicians just because they represent a particular party.  Take a look, a real hard look at what the candidates represent. The best choice may just be the independent candidate that doesn’t have a lot of money to advertise. You have the right to be properly represented in government.

It’s one of the freedoms fought for, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

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