Simply Sassy Media Should Send ME to Aiming Low!

Yeah, there I said it. Simply Sassy Media should send me to the Aiming Low Non-Conference. I am the best choice out there. (modest too, aren’t I?)

Thanks to joining Simply Sassy,  I have such a vibrant group of  supporting women and I would like to meet some of you in person.


Why am I the best choice? Because I am a small, but growing blogger. My blog needs help to grow, though. And that is where the Aiming Low Non Conference comes in. Where else can I learn so much in such a short time?

And the chance to hear Ree Drummond speak in person? That in and of itself is worth its weight in gold!

The problem is, with 7 kids, finances are always difficult. Paying for travel and hotel this close to the start of holiday season just isn’t possible for me.  I don’t think that the kids would quite understand that their “Christmas present” was mom’s trip to Aiming Low.

Believe me, I’ve tried figuring out how to pass it off as their gift this year. Somehow, I just couldn’t quite figure out how pictures of me at Aiming Low could be wrapped up in such a way that they would feel it was a good gift.

“Wow, gee thanks mom! It’s just what I really wanted. For you to have a good time at Aiming Low! This is soo much better than that silly toy every other kid in the neighborhood  got” Yeah, I really don’t think it’ll fly, do you?


If this isn’t compelling reason enough, Aiming Low Non-Conference is the SAME weekend as my 25th high school reunion. Yeah, don’t I feel old? I so need an excuse to not go to that.    Like really.

This reunion is being planned by the popular kids (you know the ones) and I was NOT very popular in high school. In fact, I was very quiet and kept to myself. Much like I still do when you meet me in real life.

You don’t really want me to have to go to a reunion where I will be forced back into the same old stereotypical roles, now do you? Sitting in the corner with nothing to say while everyone else has a good time. That is not how I want to spend the weekend of Aiming Low Non Conference.


I have discovered a group of kindred spirits in the blogging world and tend to come out of my shell more and more when around “my people” Let me come out of my shell with people who understand me. Keep me from having to go to my high school reunion.

And for goodness sake, PLEASE don’t make me pass off my conference attendance as the kids’ Christmas present!

Send ME  to the Aiming Low Non Conference!


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